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Halls for Hire

Situated at the heart of Camden Town we ideally suited to serve not only the local community but also provide convenient access for groups in North and Central London.

We have a number of halls for hire for both voluntary and business use.

The Sanctuary - On the ground floor, this is the main hall used for services on Sundays, seats about 100 people.

The Nursery Rooms - On the ground floor, two rooms which on weekdays are used for the Chinese Nursery School, each hold up to 30 people.

The Upstairs Room - seats about 50 people. ( not suitable for disabled access)

The Vestry - On the ground floor suitable for small groups of about ten .

The Consulting Rooms - Four small rooms suitable for psychotherapy or massage/reflexology.

Currently we accommodate four churches, four Twelve- step Recovery Groups, two school groups, a counseling service and various youth, health and community groups. 

We are open to all ,including local community and business groups provided you share the core values as set out in our  Statement of Values.

To locate and contact us please follow the link.

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